Thursday, July 9, 2009


Our long term family friends are going thru a divorce and my parents
are the ones trying to smoothen it.
For the sake of the children.
I missed my small bros prize giving day and I feel so bad coz he
really did expect one of the family members to go see him get his
prize but instead the 'busy' family sent the driver!!
am feeling an overwhelming sense of responsibility for my family. The
role of the first born!! Huh!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Its the thought that counts

I was talking to a girl last night and it went a little like this.

Her: “Can I use your stuff in the bathroom?”
Me: “You can use my shampoo?but don’t use my shower gels. But if I find one that I don’t like I’ll give it to you!”
Her: “WHAT!?”
Me: “Well most people would just pretend and say “oooh I got you this gift aren’t I nice” but I’ll tell the truth and say that you can have the one I don’t like”.
Her: “Is that what you do for birthday presents, give something that you don’t want anymore?”
Me: “Well usually I don’t buy presents, I only buy presents for two people”
Her: “What your mum and your sister?”
Me: “Yep exactly”
Her: “Why don’t you buy presents”
Me: “I know too many people!”
Her: “What about girlfriends?”
Me: “Well I used to buy presents for them, up until about a year ago. If you see my ex-girlfriend from years ago, she is dripping in diamonds!”
Her: “Well it’s not about the money, it’s the thought that counts”
Me: “Ah okay cool, I’m glad you said that because what I usually do is make my girlfriends a special present.
Like with my ex, I told her she was going to get the best present she ever got in her life, she told all her friends, and she was so excited. Secretly I worked on it one day. I got a leaf and twisted the stick bit into a beautiful shape and then stuck it to the body of the leaf and then I wrote her name on it.
I knew it was something beautiful that would express my love for her. A few days before her birthday I wanted to throw her off the scent and make her think she was going to get a boring present, so when we walked past a jewellery shop I asked her if she liked some diamond earrings and she said yes and I made a knowing nod. Now that she was expecting something boring, everything was in place.
On her birthday I gave her the leaf and she was so happy, she cried. She seemed like she was really crying, that was how happy she was. She told her friends I got her something else because she didn’t want them to be jealous. So, I could buy expensive gifts, but that experience really taught me something, and I’m glad you agree that it is the thought that counts!”

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We had the friendship,
the love, the joy,
the building of each other intellectually,
emotionally and physically,
the strongest bonds ever created,
I was Adam, Romeo, Ceaser,
She was Eve, Juliet, Rome...
we experienced the tears, the heartache,
the jealousy and the hate,

but now that i really think about it,
it just might be i alone who experienced all this...

She told me to put it on a blog for all she cares

So the other day he was doing some research when he came across the paradox: What happens when an unstoppable force encounters an immovable object...
The research came in handy in his efforts to move on... escape actually from the clutches of a loveless love, the obsession...he needed though not wanted to forget about the one, his gem so clear as crystal, precious black pearl.. logic stated that there was no need holding on to something that will never exist again.. for death is the irreversible state.. and she loved him all the same if not more.. or so he thought... or so he wishes to deny..
It was a love that few have ever experienced.. fewer ever will.
The compatibily, the times, our experiences.. they were the first and last pieces of the puzzle...they completed each other.

some poisoned form of love
a loveless love
a curse
a concoction of love and hate

I guess iz like if you were a player or diva gal aka beast and you
finally find the one that makes time stop, the one that makes your
knees go weak and your heart flutter but still builds you, your
intellect, your perspective...this is your grass,..err so green so
full of life so is time you let go of ur past..and
close your ears to ur beast pals.. For when you loose that grass.....
Desires know not what the heart requires but the heart knows what it

.PS you weren't meant to understand that

Monday, October 6, 2008

She got it

She is going to look like this